Bella Casa

More than Tidying Up  

There’s no time like the present to get your life in order

March 16, 2020, is a day I’ll never forget, as it was on that day I began to shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic. I find it unfathomable to think we’d be living during a time such as this, when so many lives would be affected and our world as we once knew it would never be the same again.

But then again, who expects to walk across the street and be hit by a car, board a plane that crashes or go to the hospital for a simple procedure and never come home — or worse, come home in an incapacitated state? READ MORE >>>

It’s all about the beautiful home, including interior design, home accessories, appliances, outdoor care and décor, gardening, trends, color choices, walls, lighting, flooring, finishes and sustainable living. Anything that enhances the Florida home belongs in Bella Casa.