The Benefits of Stretching 

Say ‘peace out’ to pain with a daily stretching routine

Stretching isn’t just for athletes. Everyone should stretch, regardless of age, gender, occupation or fitness level. Contrary to what you might think, for those of us who live more sedentary lifestyles, stretching is particularly important for our wellness.


Local experts Raul Irizarry and Mark Baillargeon agree that stretching should be considered a crucial part of daily living: just as essential to health and body function as...READ MORE>>>


Raising Boys

How to help boys escape the “man box” and be their best selves 

Although boys and girls are different, does society cause boys to grow up tough and girls to grow up sensitive? 

Psychologist and author of “How to Raise A Boy: The Power of Connection to Build Good Men,” Michael Reichert, has been studying this question for decades. 

He found that forcing traditionally masculine traits of toughness and aggression can be detrimental to a boy’s development. READ MORE>>>

Wellness topics of body, mind and spirit are covered. We address the specialized needs of women, teens and men as they relate to mental and emotional health, nutrition, neurologic acuity, aging, relationships and lifestyle choices.


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