Meditation as Medication

Research suggests an effective Alzheimer’s treatment has been known for thousands of years 

It’s often said that modern problems require modern solutions, but what if the solution to one of today’s health epidemics can be found in a practice that dates back thousands of years?

It’s not bloodletting or alchemy. In fact, it requires little physical effort. To reap the benefits of this healing modality, one must sit quietly and breathe deeply, freeing the mind of all thought. It's known as meditation. READ MORE>>>


Medical Care in the time of COVID

Ongoing health challenges persist in a pandemic world, doctors warn

Health fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic abound, among them contracting the virus, unknowingly passing it to someone else and suffering the virus’ long-lasting effects.

“COVID-19 disease is incredibly damaging. It is not just a respiratory illness. Every organ in the body is pretty much affected, including the brain,” says Dr. Lindita Hobdari, of Hobdari... READ MORE>>>


The Best Worst Day of My Life

How my breast cancer diagnosis at age 33 changed me for the better

In my early 20s, I was busy chasing my dreams, focused on career, travel and dwelling in New York City. I was taking on the world. In the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to get married and have a family — someday. 

As I entered my 30s, I started to feel less satisfied by the glamour of a great career and all that came with city life. I started to wonder if there was more: Would simplifying my... READ MORE>>>

Wellness topics of body, mind and spirit are covered. We address the specialized needs of women, teens and men as they relate to mental and emotional health, nutrition, neurologic acuity, aging, relationships and lifestyle choices.


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