Sharing Pearls of Wisdom in Trying Times

Bill Skidmore seeks and finds grace in every exchange


He loves to fish. He loves to golf. And motorcycles are his thing. He could be any regular ol’ Southwest Florida guy. But by all accounts, Bill Skidmore, owner of Amore Jewelers in Bonita Springs, is far more. He’s a gem of a man. READ MORE>>>


The Young Piano Man

 Award-winning composer/pianist Frazar Henry wows critics and audiences at the ripe age of 14 

It didn’t take Frazar Henry’s parents long to realize they had a budding musician under their roof — perhaps a piano prodigy.


Indeed, the 14-year-old Frazar, a home-schooled resident of Bonita Springs, commands the stage with the prowess of someone... READ MORE>>>


Life Changer

Gianluca Corso welcomes all levels of ability at Cosmos

When he worked as the general manager of three San Francisco restaurants with more than 80 employees, it probably never occurred to Gianluca Corso that a single “hire” would change his life almost 20 years later.


And back then, it might have seemed unfathomable to him that he’d be presented... READ MORE>>>


The Good Steward

Oliver Salinas plants Champions for Learning roots
in home soil  

Oliver Salinas works to make better, more efficient products as an Arthrex manufacturing engineer. He invests time, effort and resources until the product is
the best version of itself, one that can help people
the most. 

It’s a concept familiar to Salinas...

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