Sizzling Summer Drinks

Dive into these cold, tasty drinks to beat Southwest Florida’s swelter

With humid heat ticking up every day, Southwest Florida summers are best enjoyed with a tasty beverage in hand. Flavorful, fun and with just the right amount of kick, cooling drinks keep us in the summer spirit. 

Though they’re certainly known to be stimulating, with strong flavors, effervescent bases and aromatic garnishes, 
in the tropical climate of Southwest Florida, we prefer the term “sizzling.”

Lest we sound too boozy, non-alcoholic lattes and refreshing sparkling drinks are perfect summer day companions, as well. READ MORE >>>

The PLUS! section allows for a deeper dive into an important, interesting or impactful subject. Here, we have a series of articles that tackle one theme. In past issues, we’ve utilized this section to investigate subjects that include women’s rights, teen issues, body image and women’s roles in government. PLUS! provides multiple angles on a subject with useful takeaways.


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