Mentoring Memoires

First female United Technologies exec has 
a gift to pay forward again and again 

Seventy years have whizzed by since I was a 14-year-old kid who lied about my age and snagged a job at a local drugstore after school. 

I remember a woman came in and asked for a box of Trojans. I didn’t know what they were and went to the back room to ask the pharmacist. He was in there with his lady-friend and scolded me for walking in on them. READ MORE>>>


Give it a Shot 

You can always take the next bus home


The most important thing my father ever said to me was this: “You can always take the next bus home.”

He said it after seeing the panic on my face as we drove into Hanover, New Hampshire, on the first day of my first year of college. The other girls looked like Grace Kelly. On a good day in 1975, I looked like Janis Joplin. They had their own BMWs with ski racks on... READ MORE>>>


A Day in the Hammock 

Grab a book for sunny days ahead 


As we welcome summer, Southwest Floridians typically rush to the shore, lounging on white sand beaches and soaking in the sunshine. There, while some folks dive into the water and snooze on the sand, others simply enjoy the open air and Gulf breezes — a perfect backdrop for plunging into a new book. 

When the beach isn’t ideal or accessible, you can always take these good reads... READ MORE>>>

Addressing the human spirit that motivates us, this department presents humor and humanity with all its foibles and perspectives on living with the spirit we intend for ourselves. Here, we also focus on travel, upcoming movements, new adventures, locals making national headlines and everything that boosts our collective spirit to greater awareness.


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