Cinderella Story

Dancing through life, despite its twists and turns

She stands at attention in the West Palm Beach ballroom, chin high, shoulders back, as she senses a million eyes on her. Mouth dry and heart beating fast, she takes a deep breath and stands on her toes in high-heeled slippers, making her red gown swish and sparkle.

Music begins to throb in an emotional tango and, like magic, her body tingles as her partner’s eyes rivet to hers and his strong arms... READ MORE>>>


You Are Now Entering ‘Gina Land’

Envisioning a place where people are flexible, 
eloquent, understanding and laugh out loud


In Gina Land, everybody would be able to change — change a diaper, change a tire, change the dressing on a wound and change his or her mind when a better argument is made. 

In Gina Land, people would not fear hearing from those who hold points of view...  READ MORE>>>

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